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Releaser #17
Releaser #17
Copyright © Deborah Coulthard 2008
Releaser #17

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I Speak My Truth

Do you find yourself holding back on speaking out, doing what other people want or pretending to be someone other than who you really are out of fear of being rejected or punished, or the need to get the approval of others?

This month I am offering a free download of Foundation Series Releaser RLS17  I Speak My Truth.  Why not try using the Releaser and see what happens - the Releasers worked for me and they can work for you. 

Love and Blessings IshaRa.


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Relationship Releaser #1
Relationship Releaser #1
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Relationship Releasers

Are you finding it difficult to attract a new love relationship into your life (or having difficulties in a current love relationship) because of emotional and mental wounds you are carrying from the past?  Are your life choices still being influenced by difficult relationships experienced with parents, siblings or others?
If yes, then the new Releasers - Relationship Series can help you let go of your old, dysfuntional mental and emotional programming and break repeating patterns of behaviour in relationships so that you can have more positive and joyful relationships from now on.

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Welcome.  I have created this web site to share the tools and methods that have helped me to transform my life from feeling overworked, trapped and frustrated to living with freedom, ease and joy.

After a near-death experience on the operating table in 2003, I realised that basically my life sucked.....I could have DIED right there in that operating theatre, and all I had done with my life was work! OK, so I had money, and a cool apartment and lots of material stuff, but no time to enjoy any of it and the sinking feeling that there I was in my early 40"s and hadn't really LIVED.

I decided to change, and that desire for change led me to spend the next 7 years relentlessly dismantling the mental and emotional baggage and outdated &ldquo rules to live by&rdquo that were covering up who I really was and what I really wanted to do with my life, so that FINALLY I could start to LIVE.

I learned to do this through massive amounts of meditation, receiving spiritual guidance, attending courses, reading and researching, and most importantly of all trial and error experimentation on someone who can provide real-time, immediate feedback on what works and what doesn't .... me.

Along the way I learned to create pictures, symbols and voice tones that could quickly and permanently release old emotions, beliefs and patterns of thinking and behaving allowing me to move on into new more joyful ways of living.

The methods and tools that were fast and easy to use, I added to my tool-kit, and anything that was complicated, slow or didn't work I simply dropped.

Then I tried the methods and tools on friends and clients, with excellent results, as you can see from the testimonials on this web site.

After all that clearing and re-programming of myself I have stepped into a completely new way of thinking, living, and being and am delighted to pass on the benefits of all my hard work and learning to you, so that you may live with freedom, ease and joy too.

If there are any parts of your life that you feel are not working or would like to change, if you feel stuck, frustrated, at a dead end, confused, not knowing what to do next, or if you want to make a big step forward into a new stage of your life (even if you might not know exactly what is coming next) then my energy moving tools and client sessions can help you.

The energy moving symbols that I used to transform my life are available as pdf file downloads from the e-store on this web site for you to print out at home and use.

The symbols basically work like an "anti virus program" for the human being, vibrating old heavy energies out and bringing new uplifting energies in.

The store has a description of what each symbol does, so you will easily be able to find the ones that are right for you. Each symbol comes with full instructions, and they are very easy to work with - you basically lay down, put the symbol picture side down on your body, breathe and let the energies inside your body move.

There is a symbol for you to download and try for free to the left of this text.

If you are ready to change your life, and ready to try something new, then why not download a symbol or two and let them work for you.

If you live in Perth, Western Australia, then a personal session is a very powerful way to clear the path for you to move from where you are in life to where you wish to be. In the personal sessions I connect with your higher self and spiritual guidance and use a custom combination of symbols and vocal tones specifically for you. These sessions are very potent and often one session is all that is needed to break through.

For those who are not able to come to see me in Perth, I offer remote sessions too.

I look forward to being able to help you to live in freedom and joy and to manifest the life of your dreams.